Three poets battle for first place in London’s biggest slam poetry competition; kind-hearted Adele who learns to use her words as a shield; Wren, a shy foreign student from Singapore who gets more than he bargained for when he downloads Grindr; and Naya, a Black activist who finds herself unfavourably in the public eye when she is ‘discovered’ to be dating a white man. As the poets’ private lives are exposed and their personas stripped away, they must answer:

How can one balance activism with falling in love?

What do our dating preferences say about us?

Can we separate art from the artist?

The personal from the political?

Loving you from hating me?

A 'verbatim-as-poetry' show about public pressures, interracial dating, and what the art we make says about us.

Venue - VAULT Festival 2019 @ The Vaults Theatre

Genre - Poetry, Drama, Social Commentary

Run Time - 1 hr

Year - 2019

Age Guidance - 16

“All in all, I thought it was excellent… the acting was first-rate, the players real and likeable, and the subject matter deeply important and well-handled.” - Velvet Blog Office

“A mix of impressive writing, gripping drama and political challenge” - **A Younger Theatre **

Presented By: Acquah&Co

Writer: Nicole Acquah

Director: Dorcas A. Stevens

Producer: Kate Cotruvo

Tech: Melissa Syversen