From the creative team who brought you the 5-star sell-out Camden Fringe and RADA Festival show, Nothing to Perform, comes a tale that is both inventive and cautionary.

GRIP. tells the story of Trev, a young man surrounded by a world that glitches, skips and repeats like an old tape recording. As he and his father try to overcome their masculine inhibitions to deal with the loss of Trev’s mother, it becomes clear there’s something else going on. The only person who shares Trev’s anxiety is Louise, a young girl grappling with her parents’ imminent divorce. But when Trev and Louise’s lives collide on an ill-fated night out, the two are forever changed. Trev is arrested and the circumstances of his class, gender, and mental health coalesce into a shattered kaleidoscope view of what it means to be a young working-class man in England today.

● Venue - Tristan Bates Theatre

● Genre - Drama, Mental Health, Social Commentary

● Run Time - 1 hr

● Year - 2019

● Age Guidance - 16

“Scene changes are slick and speedy in this intriguing and informative production, tackling some immensely relevant contemporary issues.” - London Theatre 1 ★★★★

Presented By: Nothing To Perform

Writer: Scott Howland

Director: Harriet Taylor

Sound: Julian Chesshire

Cast: Scott Howland, Emily Brown, Drew Paterson, Collette Hodson, Julian Chesshire, Gaz Hayden, Rob Barnes, Kristin Winters, Jessica Temple, Van Clarke