“You always think you'll look like an angel. When you're dead. All peaceful and beautiful. But you don't. You just look like the leftovers of a Boxing Day cheese board.”

Nothing gets past Katy. She’s keen-eyed and sharp-tongued. And since Bradley Lewis made her an origami penguin out of his Costa receipt, nothing much matters any more.

But when her mum marries Brian, the gaffer tape holding Katy’s world together tears apart. This story isn’t hers anymore. A play about the impact of domestic abuse and the strength of a young woman determined to keep her voice.

One woman’s story, performed by three women, bottled. is a devastating debut from BBC Writers Room’s Hayley Wareham. Performed in Support of Women's Aid, the play exposes the consequences of refuge closures and funding cuts to women's services.

● Venue - VAULT Festival 2019 @ The Vaults Theatre

● Genre - Drama

● Run Time - 1 hr

● Year - 2019

● Age Guidance - 12

“Hones a narrative which is painful and humorous in equal measure…..letting the story unfold like an old hardbound book rather than pushing for a climax.” - A Younger Theatre ★★★★★

“A stellar debut, thoroughly researched with keen dialogue” - The Spy In The Stalls ★★★★★

“Bringing to life so vividly the frightening and precarious existence of families affected by domestic violence.” - **Everything Theatre **★★★★

“The trio is a well-oiled machine, owning the narrative and bouncing off each other's energy with synergy.” -** Broadway World** ★★★★

Presented by: Hayley Wareham & Flux Theatre Writer: Hayley Wareham Director: Chris White Movement Director: Jess Tucker Boyd Lighting Designer: Marty Langthorne Associate Producer: Amy Merrigan Stage Manager: Emily Bull Image Created: Matt Westbrook Additional Graphic Design: Jill Rutland Cast: Alice Vilanculo, Isabel Stone, Hayley Wareham